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  1. An assist and the GWG with just 1:01 to play in a 6-5 victory over Denver. 6 goals now. Only seems to have 9 points, opposing this tweet, but here is the goal.
  2. Again, you seem to have trouble reading. You are jumping to points that aren't there. I did not throw around an accusation. I posed my thoughts as theory and speculation and never said anything in an absolute manner. I believe even used the word "allegedly". I'm perfectly free to suggest those things as this is a message board used for discussion and differing opinions. I accept all opinions and will gladly debate them, yet you are the one saying I shouldn't say anything else here. That's closed minded and condescending. You see the thing about people is that they tend to not want to hear other people's opinions, they really just want to hear their own opinions coming out of other people's mouths. I don't know you, but that seems to fit you. So thanks, but I don't need you to tell me what I should or shouldn't say or what discussions on here I should or should not partake in. You don't agree with me, then fine debate me, but don't tell me what I should think. Saying negative things about Drury is not out of left field when you consider it is based on Lias and his father saying he was bullied by the organization in Hartford and there seemingly being more to what went on with Krav that is not yet public according to Staple. There pretty clearly seems to be what may be proof that Drury bullied a player based on what was said about his phone "blowing up." If those individuals didn't feel it was off base then I doubt they would have felt the need to "blow up" his phone and I doubt Staple would have called it a "shame." And I don't feel bad about using Cosby as analogy. I don't find it too harsh or think hyperbole should be thrown into question by mods when I've seen many instances of cancer or aids being used in numerous hockey analogies from the staff and creators, Phil especially, over the years.
  3. I'm not comparing those two things. If you're making that comparison then you are inferring it. I'm not implying it. The drastic nature of what happened with Cosby simply illustrates the point in more powerful way. Why use something weak to illustrate a point? It won't resonate as much. The fact that people are still talking about it days later means it has done its job. Yes it's hyperbole, that's the whole point. It is useful and it hammers home the point. Drury and Cosby's situations are not similar and I never said they were. But it illustrates that a public figure may have a differing persona in the public eye from what they have in their private life. What better way to illustrate that, then an extreme example?
  4. I didn't bring it into this. I believe it was used by Kravtsov's people and certainly by Lias and his father.
  5. Reading comprehension is important. Never compared Drury to Bill Cosby. I used Cosby's situation as an analogy to illustrate the point that just because someone appears to be something based on public persona, it doesn't mean they are. Other truths can be lurking behind closed doors. In what way did I say Drury and Cosby are similar or have anything in common? Precisely none.
  6. Isn't this window now closed? He's healthy and their best player again. Why would they trade him now?
  7. Named team captain. 2 goals tonight. point per game thus far through 5.
  8. Kaapo Kakko is the only thing about the Rangers that brings me joy these days. I miss his smile.
  9. Drury hasn't yet. 5 North Americans in the first 4 rounds. We'll wait and see how he drafts next year.
  10. And once again being a captain has nothing to do with being a GM. Having a reputation as a leader as a player has nothing to do with how a front office exec would treat players and whether or not he would bully. Michael Jordan had a reputation as a great leader and captain and we also know that he was a huge asshole and bullied many of his teammates.
  11. You met him? You know him? Bill Cosby had a sterling reputation at one point.
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